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Which Garage Door is Right for You? Let’s look at Tilt Doors Sunshine Coast and Brisbane…

Tilt Doors

The Tilt Door is a single panel door that, as the name suggests tilts and recedes into the garage.  Tilt Doors require very little headroom and are one of the most versatile garage doors with regards to available designs and finish.


Tilt Doors Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Areas

Benefits of installing a Tilt Door:

  • Ideal for garages with little headroom
  • Little to no loss of overhead space when door is open
  • Door can operate with as little as 25mm space between the door opening & the ceiling
  • Can be easily operated as manual or automated garage doors.
  • These Spring balanced door panels have robust anti-sway brackets to limit the degree of lateral movement and strengthened  bearing design for greater durability over the lifetime of the fittings
  • Available in standard configurations to suit both single and double width openings or custom made to your specifications both residential & industrial
  • Can be fitted with any profile from the Panel Door Range, Cedar garage door range, Perspex garage door range and even the sleek Vitrabond range
  • They come in all of the Colour Bond Colours, including the wood lookalike/ timber look garage door colour range with wood grain or smooth finishes

When it comes to size, design & colour our Tilt Doors at East Coast Garage Doors & Gates are only limited by your imagination. Call one of our friendly team to find out more, or if you prefer organise to have one of our very experienced sales team come out to give you an onsite quote.

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