Which Garage Door Is Right For You… Is It The Flex-A-Door?

Flex-A-Doors  Sunshine Coast-Brisbane

This innovative design has been created to ensure full clearance of the garage door opening by incorporating a retractable head infill-panel. They are made from a durable Roll-A-Door curtain that is fitted on a curving track, which slides from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling. Flex-A-Doors are suitable for openings up to 3.1 metres wide, particularly where there is not a lot of head room and are an ideal alternative for replacing existing Tilt Doors.

Benefits of installing a Flex-A-Door:

  • Suitable for low headroom solutions
  • Great for accommodating vehicles that require extra height, such as 4WDs and SUVs
  • They open upwards and parallel to the ceiling
  • Vehicles can be parked right up to the front of the garage door
  • Smooth & quiet operation – easy to lift.
  • Strong & attractive Roll-A-Door curtain with a clear, uncluttered look
  • Springs are out of reach, no spaces to trap fingers, particularly safe around children

Flex-A-Doors are available in all of the Colour Bond colours except the ‘Timbagrain’ and ‘Timber Coat’ colour ranges.

East Coast Garage Doors and Gates install and service a vast range of garage doors and gates including Flex-A-Doors, in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. For more information or to arrange for one of our experienced team to meet with you to give you an onsite appraisal – phone us on 5476 9227.