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Tips to fix your Garage Door Motor or Remote Control Handset

When your garage door motor or remote control stops working, the East Coast Garage Doors & Gates Team suggest these 5 simple steps to get the garage door working again:


 STEP ONE: Check your Remote Control handset

BND Garage Door Handheld-remoteIf ALL of your remote controls stopped operating the motor on the SAME DAY – it is likely that the issue is not related to the remote controls, but is a motor or receiver issue, so you can skip straight to step two.

If your remote control has an indicator light that has stopped illuminating or is flashing or dull, this is a likely sign the battery needs replacing.  Try changing the battery in the back of the remote control handset.

If other identical style remote controls can still operate the door motor, then it is likely that your remote is damaged.  Handsets are quite fragile electronic devices.  If the case is damaged, it can often be replaced for less than half the cost of a new remote.  If the circuit board is damaged, the remote control will generally need to be replaced. Our online store sells new remote controls for most motor brands.

You can code your remote control into the door motor, by following the instructions in your operator manual, or download our coding instructions for popular garage remote controls from our website.

Tip: Keep remotes out of direct sunlight, handle with care and do not press buttons with sharp objects including fingernails! 


STEP TWO: Test your Garage Door & Motor

ATA Motor

If your Remote Control seems to be working, but the motor still won’t move the door:

Check your power supply.  Try disconnecting your motor from the power source, and plug in a small electrical appliance (such as a hairdryer) to confirm there is a power supply to the motor.  If there is no power, you may need an electrician to investigate.

Look at your door’s springs, brackets, cables and chain to see if they are broken.  If these are damaged the door may be too heavy to lift, even if the motor is still trying to operate the door or the motor is disengaged.  FOR YOUR SAFETY – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPERATE THE DOOR FURTHER – ARRANGE AN APPROVED SERVICE TECHNICIAN TO ATTEND.

If there is a light flashing on the motor or a beeping sound, you may require a Service Technician.  You can try resetting the motor, by switching the power off for 10 seconds.  For your safety, do not remove the motor cover, or adjust the limits, contact us and we will arrange for our Service Technician to undertake the necessary diagnostic tests and repairs.


STEP THREE: Operate/Lock the door manually

ATA_ROLLER_DOOR_MOTORWhilst waiting for our Service Technician to arrive, unless it is unsafe to do so (i.e when there is a broken cable, spring or hinge) you may still be able to disengage the motor to unlock the door and operate it by hand.

To disengage the motor/unlock the door: There is generally a simple method to dis-engage the motor using a “manual release” cord or lever.  Your motor manual should contain easy to follow instructions, but often it involves pulling the cord or lever down one time.    If your door is also fitted with a manual floor or slide bolt, or an automated B&D Auto-Lock, release the slide bolt or locking pin manually.  Once the motor, and any B&D Auto-Lock or manual door lock are disengaged, walk over to the door to manually push it up OR pull it down (do not try to move the door by pulling the manual release cord – it will snap !).

To re-engage the motor/lock the door:  Pull the same manual release lever/cord (or flick the cord away from the door, if the motor is in installed in the middle of the garage ceiling) to re-engage the motor/lock the door.   Even if the door motor is not working, you can re-engage the motor to lock the door.  To test if the door is now locked, walk over to the door and try to manually push it up/down – if it won’t move, then you have successfully locked the door.

To test whether a re-engaged motor will now operate the door: press your remote control button and you should hear the motor operating.  Once the motor stops, if the door did not move, press the remote control button again.  Once the motor stops, if the door still does not move, try pressing the remote control button again.  Once the motor stops, if the door still does not move: dis-engage the motor, manually move it to another position (i.e try half way between open and closed), then re-engage the motor. Press the remote control button again. If the door still does not move with the motor, proceed to step four.

Tip: When booking our Service Technician, just let us know if you are having trouble disengaging/re-engaging your motor and we will talk you through the process over the phone.


STEP FOUR: Book a Service Technician on 07 5476 9227


So that we can assist you more efficiently, please supply the brand of motor or have your remote control with you when you phone us.

Our office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with emergency call outs available after hours 7 days a week




STEP FIVE: Arrange a Regular Service

tickofapprovalTo keep your garage door and motor in optimal operating condition, we strongly recommend they be serviced annually.  To arrange your free annual service reminder, simply phone our Customer Service Team at East Coast Garage Doors & Gates on 07 5476 9227.

High usage doors on complexes should be serviced more frequently.  We offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements for these properties including Body Corporates, simply phone our Customer Service Team to arrange a free quote.



If your motor or remote control STILL will NOT operate the door…

SONY DSCIf these tips do not fix your garage door or remote control issue, simply call our Customer team on 5476 9227 to arrange a quote for replacement, or book in a Garage Door Repair by our fully trained Service Technicians who will visit your Sunshine Coast or Brisbane property.