Autoslide Sliding Pet Doors

Did you know our Autoslide motors that automate residential sliding glass or screen doors also have optional accessories for your pet? Pet accessories for the standard Autoslide Door Kit include Pet Infra-red sensors and the Pet Mat. When your pet steps onto the Autoslide Pet Mat, the Autoslide Door motor (sold separately) automatically opens.  The door width… Continue reading Autoslide Sliding Pet Doors

Install a Video Intercom For Priceless Home Security

When our customers enquire about getting a video intercom installed with their new electric gate or entry gate they are usually amazed at how many features they offer that they hadn’t even thought of. Like automatic garage door or gate openers, they are something that once you have you can’t imagine how you lived without… Continue reading Install a Video Intercom For Priceless Home Security

Easy Access Home Security Solution

If you have a big family where multiple people are needing access to your home then having enough remote handsets to go around can be expensive and hard to keep track of especially if certain family members are prone to losing things! ….. Handsets of course are a must to have in your vehicle to… Continue reading Easy Access Home Security Solution