How to Manually Operate Your Garage Door

How to operate your automatic garage door opener manually in case of a malfunction or power outage. How to re-engage and disengage your automatic roller door. East Coast Garage Doors supply and service automatic garage door openers in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.

Install a Video Intercom For Priceless Home Security

When our customers enquire about getting a video intercom installed with their new electric gate or entry gate they are usually amazed at how many features they offer that they hadn’t even thought of. Like automatic garage door or gate openers, they are something that once you have you can’t imagine how you lived without… Continue reading Install a Video Intercom For Priceless Home Security

Buying a Garage Door Opener

Remember when you had to open each of your car doors individually and wind down the windows by hand? You’d never go back to do that again would you, and once you make the switch to the convenience & extra security that installing a garage door opener brings you will wonder how you ever lived… Continue reading Buying a Garage Door Opener