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New Industrial Roller Door Openers by ATA

Not everyone is going to be excited by the release of the latest industrial heavy duty automatic roller door opener by market leaders ATA (Automatic Technology Australia), but if you are currently the person responsible for hauling that heavy door on your factory or warehouse up and down by a hand chain then this might make your day!

Introducing the GDO-10v2Toro™ Heavy Duty Roller Door Opener

  • Designed for doors up 28m2, and 100% duty cycle
  • Recently re-released with roller bearings for improved strength
  • Includes great extras as standard:
  • 2 x Transmitters
  • Battery Backup
  • PE Beams
  • Full logic kit with 8 input/output controls and multiple operating modes
  • Ideal for automating factory/warehouse doors that currently hauled up and down by a hand chain

And it’s not only great for commercial purposes, our local ATA expert tells us that it is also the ultimate residential door opener due to its kit configuration, so if your family likes things that are unbreakable then this might be the perfect garage opener for you.

If your garage door is in an exposed position then the weatherproof model will be perfect for your needs;

GDO-8v3 ShedMaster® Weather Resistant Roller Door Opener

  • Designed for completely exposed roller doors installations
  • Weather-resistance rated to IP24
  • Ideal for carports and perimeter mounted roller doors.
  • Compatible with SmartSolar™ for doors installed away from mains power

If you live in Brisbane, Noosa or the Sunshine Coast and would like to enquire further about the new GDO or any of our range of industrial or residential automatic garage door openers Please Contact our Knowledgeable Team at East Coast Garage Doors Today on 07 5476 9227