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Garage Door & Gate Remote Controls – Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Nothing lasts forever as they say, and our customer service team at East Coast Garage Doors and Gates never have a day where they aren’t helping one of our customers identify a replacement for their garage remote which has stopped working…..

We tend to get a run on certain brands of a similar age as they all start to give up the ghost around the same time, at the moment we get a lot of enquiries about Merlin, Boss and Gliderol remotes……..

We are able to supply nearly all brands and models of remotes still being manufactured and some obsolete models as well. Fortunately even when a model has been discontinued there is usually a more generic model available now that will work just as well on your automatic garage door or gate.

To make your life simpler we have a comprehensive list of photos on our website to help you to identify what model of electric gate and garage door remote control you have  Find Your Remote Control Handset Just match up what you have in your hand to the photo, and then you’ll have the model number right there for when you contact us.

If you are still in doubt, our East Coast Garage Doors and Gates team is very experienced at identifying a whole range of models so simply call us on 5476 9227 for help. As a bonus our technicians are also on hand to talk you through coding or programming your new remote control once you receive it, as some people find this problematic.

While we will always stock older brands of replacement garage door & gate remotes like Chamberlain, Magic Button and Elsema while they are still available, when it comes to the latest automatic garage door opener technology you can’t go past the reliablity and full range of security and anti jamming features that ATA and B&D remotes offer.

That is why they are our recommended brands for all our new garage doors, and they may well have something that will be compatible with your older garage door as well, so ask us when you call if you are wanting a greater range of convenient options then your current electric gate and garage door opener offers.