Easy Access Home Security Solution

ATA Key Pad security access-east coast garage doors

ATA Key Pad security access-east coast garage doors

If you have a big family where multiple people are needing access to your home then having enough remote handsets to go around can be expensive and hard to keep track of especially if certain family members are prone to losing things! ….. Handsets of course are a must to have in your vehicle to give you that ultimate convenience.

The  modern accompaniment or solution for those entering or exiting on foot; is to use a Key Pad entry option to your gate and / or garage door which allows for a code to be entered instead of using a handset. This is especially useful for those who don’t want to carry a key or handset with them.

This is also a great security option if you have people like cleaners or tradespeople who you wish to provide short term access to, but don’t want to have to worry about getting the remote back from them afterward. A wireless Key Pad allows you to have the peace of mind of being able to easily change the code again at anytime.

At East Coast Garage Doors & Gates we recommend ATA (Automatic Technology Australia) wireless “Digi Pads” for their superior quality & smart technology, and we can offer you a wide choice of security solutions to suit the secure access requirements of your family or commercial premises….

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