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Garage Door Openers Need Servicing in Winter

If you are finding it harder to get going on these colder mornings then you are not the only one; you probably haven’t given it a thought but your garage door might be struggling too.

These winter months can cause garage door springs to contract, crack and break more readily, and older automatic garage doors are especially at risk as their openers have cogs and motors that are lubricated by grease.  In colder months this grease can solidify, causing it to fail as a lubricant, which can then lead to expensive breakdowns and the need for emergency garage repairs.

Even if your garage opener doesn’t actually fail you will find that it’s smooth operation can be hindered as other parts in the door contract with the cold, making it noisier overall in its operation. If your door sounds louder then it used to this is an excellent warning sign that it’s in need of a garage service.

Remember a big part of the idea of having an automated garage door is to not have to get out in the rain and cold……..To have a breakdown in winter could see you cold, wet and wishing you had arranged that service so why don’t you Book Yours Now with our team of expert mobile garage service technicians in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Noosa.