Electric Gate & Garage Door Battery Backup

If you were one of the 100’s of residents on the Sunshine Coast who were out when power was lost during Tuesday afternoons storm then you would either have been very glad that you had battery backup for your electric gate and garage door or very annoyed that you didn’t!

People who live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast & Noosa are used to the flash electrical storms that we get hit with every year and the regular localised power outages that they cause, but it’s surprising the number of people who don’t realise that for as little as $169 they can have the optional extra of a battery backup installed for their automatic garage door. This is a very small amount to pay for the insurance and peace of mind of never being locked out!

New automatic gates generally come with a battery back up as part of the gate opener package, but if you want to buy one for any existing electric gate the cost is about $400. We supply and recommend battery backups by ATA (Automatic Technology Aust)  and the technology of them is advanced with the battery charging from your mains power & switching over automatically in case of a power cut. They also store enough to power 20-25 full open and closes, which should be more than enough to ride out the worst blackout!

So if you are about to install a new garage door or gate with automatic opener then make sure you pay the little extra now to set yourself up properly in case of a power failure, should you ever need it you will be very glad that you did!

To enquire about getting one fitted to your existing auto garage door or gate please Contact Our East Coast Garage Door Customer Service Team