Compare the pros & cons… Which garage door is right for you?

There are a large range of garage door manufacturers offering a seemingly endless variety of designs, sizes, colours and special finishes… so how do you know which door is right for you?

This article outlines some of the key features of the modern Panel Door design.  If you’re interested in other garage door types, we’ll be posting more information on the differences between garage doors in future blog posts over the coming weeks.

Panel Doors

Sectional Doors or Panel Doors comprise of a series of hinged panels with rollers that run in a track up and along the ceiling.

Here are just some of the benefits of installing a Panel Door:

  • Large range of contemporary designs and profiles for you to choose from
  • They open upwards and run parallel to the ceiling in a neat fashion
  • Unlike a traditional tilt door, they do not swing outwards to open, so you can park your vehicle right up to the front of the garage door without impeding the opening
  • In the unfortunate event of damage, sections or panels may be able to be replaced individually rather than the whole door
  • Panel Doors require less headroom than Roller Doors so work well in garages which have a relatively small clear space between the top of the door opening and the roof or other obstruction
  • They can be made to fit very wide openings
  • Can be fitted with a Belt–Driven Motor for a superior, smooth and quiet operation
  • We design and construct custom made panel doors in a huge variety of designs from elegant cedar garage doors to sleek Vitrabond or Perspex garage doors
  • Colorbond garage doors come in a variety of colours, but can also be powder coated, giving even greater flexibility to suit your colour needs.
  • They are available in woodgrain or smooth finishes and B&D have just brought out an exciting new range of wood lookalike colours!

Panel doors / Sectional doors –  are made to measure but are priced within height and width brackets.

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To find out more, check out our previous and future blogs, browse through our photo gallery or call our team at East Coast Garage Doors & Gates to help you to find the perfect fit for you, your family and your home!