Choosing the Best Electric Gate Solution – Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Weight and Land Slope

Whilst width is an important factor in choosing your electric gates, the weight of an electric gate will directly impact your choice of electric gate motor.

The slope of the land also plays and important part when it comes to selecting your electric gate motor. Even on a site where the land slope is as minimal as 150mm end to end, it can impact the weight ratio to motor choice enormously. In this instance a 200kg gate could effectively increase the workload of the motor by as much as 5 times, resulting in a work load equivalent to that of a 1000kg gate.

Voltage choices

We can install electric gate operators directly to a 240Volt weather proof outlet at the gate motor location or if you do not have 240 Volt power at this location then we can connect the electric gate motor via a low voltage cable which connects to 240 Volt power via a transformer elsewhere. The degree of gate usage will influence your voltage choices.

What determines High or Low Usage?

Even 25 operations a day could be considered low usage, providing those operations were fairly evenly spread out over the period of a day.  If however they were predominantly at a certain time or times of the day then it may be considered more moderate to high usage.   Electric gates that require higher usage would therefore be more suited to a “commercial” type motor.

To determine which electric gate type or electric gate motor is best suited to your circumstances talk to one of our friendly team members at East Coast Garage Doors and Gates, they’ll take the guess work away for you, to ensure you choose the right solution for you and your property. For all of your electric gate solutions on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas, phone us on 5476 9227.