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Book your Garage Door & Gate annual service

Before summer heats up, is an annual service of your garage door, gate, motor and security intercom system on your Christmas Preparation ‘to do’ list?

With holidays just around the corner, locals are busily preparing their homes for friends and family planning to visit the Sunshine Coast over the festive season.

SE Queensland however, has already had a taste of what weather the 2016/17 summer season may have in store for us. Recently we’ve gazed at a SUPER MOON, been hit by a SUPER CELL STORM and had HAILSTONES pelt down upon Sunshine Coast properties – and that’s before summer even starts!

At East Coast Garage Doors & Gates, we know that as storm season approaches our team are inundated with calls to service garage doors, gates, intercoms and motors.  Unfortunately, availability can book out several days in advance during these peak periods.  It doesn’t sound like long… but days without an operating gate or garage door can feel like an eternity when you have so many more important things to do and need easy, safe access to your home.

As always, our team are here to help over the phone and we will attend as quickly as possible to emergency call-outs 24/7, other than on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when the office is closed.

No-one enjoys the unexpected expense of repairing a broken garage door spring, cable or motor at any time, but perhaps even more so over the Christmas holiday season.  Besides the cost, it is certainly frustrating and unnerving if a gate suddenly won’t open or a garage door won’t close for you, your family and friends.

When was your last Garage Door motor or Gate service?

So, before you finish trimming the tree and hanging your Christmas lights, we strongly recommend you check when your door and gate were last serviced – there should be a sticker on the inside of your garage door.  If it is over 12 months, phone our friendly team today to arrange a convenient time to have our Service Technician conduct a full, annual service to keep your garage doors, gates and motors in optimum working condition into 2017.