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ATA Remote Handsets

ATA Remote Handsets

No matter which Automatic gate or Garage Door option you choose from our extensive range, an important part of the decision making process for many of our customers is which remote is going to best suit their requirements?

Well you are spoilt for choice with all the brands on offer, but when it comes to advanced smart technology that ticks every box you can think of it is hard to go past the trusted name of ATA (Automatic Technology Australia). And after being in business since 1992 we can say with certainity that the quality and reliability of their products is second to none.

Here are their top 4 selling accessory products, which compliment their comprehensive range of residential and commercial garage door openers.

Tricode Transmitters-

Increasingly there is a problem with the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jamming door and gate transmitters……. TrioCode™ overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still work.

Also, TrioCode™ transmitters use a random coding system with 4.29 billion possibilities for enhanced security, and are available in both keyring and wireless wall mount models.

SecuraCode® Transmitters-

For your total security and peace of mind! ATA’s advanced code hopping technology is able to generate a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with every use of your transmitter.

This ensures that you can rely with these odds that only your transmitters will ever open your gate or door. And as an added bonus once a code is used it cannot be reused by “code grabbing” devices for unauthorised entry.

TrioCode™ Weather Resistant Keyring Transmitters-

It features all of the benefits of TrioCode technology, plus an important extra; this sleek and compact unit is also splash resistant.

So if you like to go out for a run without having to carry your keys then this is the perfect option for you; lightweight, convenient and being caught out in a sudden shower is no longer of concern for your transmitter, the smart new design will continue to operate first time every time.

KPX-6 Wireless Digital Keypad

If you have lots of people coming and going into your home, or are sick of someone losing the remote then this clever weatherproof access device is the answer for your family.

It’s Keypad Code Entry option provides greater flexibility for accessing your home, meaning that you no longer need to take the keys or your remote when you are out walking the dog.

It also features all the benefits of the TrioCode™ coding format (as above) for unparalleled security and uninterrupted operation, and for your total convenience a back-lit display makes it suitable for use at night and in dark areas.

Keypad Code Entry Sunshine Coast Brisbane

Keypad Code Entry

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